About the Business

If you’ve always loved angels, you probably have a special place in your heart for them as nurturing, protective, spiritual guides. You might think of them as watching over you, or leading you through challenging times. Besides nurturing, protecting and guiding humanity, angels have another mission which is right in the name. Did you know “angel” means messenger? That’s their main purpose: to communicate and deliver messages.

We have a variety of different angels for different types of messages. Whether it’s a message of love, peace, joy, gratitude, a prayer or inspiration, there’s a perfect angel to express just what you want to say to that friend, family member, teacher, loved one, co-worker, weekend host, or any other special person in your life.

Think about it. Gourmet chocolate combined with the spiritual essence of an angel together in one irresistible package. It’s the perfect combo for the perfect gift. Beautiful, delicious, luxuriously packaged…and loaded with meaning that lasts long after they’ve been devoured. Yes, devoured. They may look too pretty to eat, but the chocolate is too good not to. And by the way, if you want a beautiful angel to keep, not eat, we make those too!

About the creator of Chocolate Angel Creations

That would be me, Donna McLeod. Being inspired to combine my passions for all things spiritual, a love for angels, and passion for chocolate as well as inspirational quotes from around the world, Chocolate Angel Creations was born.

Our chocolate angels not only bring people together but their messages uplift the hearts and spirits of all who give as well as receive them.  A chocolate angel is a perfect gift within itself but I believe that the “real gift” is the message that the angels deliver.

Messages of love and kindness are the pathway to global harmony, they create a more loving and compassionate world.  And who better to deliver these messages than a beautiful angel made of gourmet chocolate?

I appreciate you stopping by and please visit again soon.  We have new angel creations and products in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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